The Voice of Marine Dealers

Blog No. 3…

There are days where I sit down to write this blog and wonder if there’s anyone out there … anyone who cares what’s on my mind today. And, truth be told, there are likely few of you right now who do.

So why do I do it? For a few reasons. First, I believe an active dialog provides a solid reminder that there’s someone here working on your behalf – even if that dialog is one-way for now. Second, I expect that at some point maybe something I have to say will grab your attention and help you run your business better. And finally, and this is the point that should grab your attention, because eventually this blog will draw in new members.

I read a book recently, (you’ll hear more about that in future blogs) titled
“The End of Membership as We Know It.”
Very appropriate for an association executive, don’t you think? I was so captivated by what I learned in this book that I went online to search for the author after I turned the final page.

It turns out that she runs her own company and she has a very active blog. Now, like I mentioned with my own blog, she must have wondered at some point if anyone out there was listening. Regardless, she populated that blog with a wealth of information, and it ultimately convinced me (and surely countless others) to interact with her company more regularly. Ultimately, it drew me in enough to convince me to become a repeat customer, as I purchased another book of hers and wound up contacting her about her consulting services.

While this is just one example of how blogs can be effective, it underscores how blogging can be a critical component to any marketing strategy, even those at your dealership. It’s especially important if you are active in social media because you can automatically broadcast your blog out to all of the customers who “like” your business or follow what you have to say.

It’s important to simply get started and to continue to provide valuable information. Eventually, you’ll find, your blog will establish you as an expert, and people will turn to you as a trusted resource.

I encourage you to get started today.


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